Single Aussie Moms Hit by Cut in Welfare Allowance Engage in Flesh Trade; 10 Prostitution Memes

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Reports said that single Australian mothers are turning to the flesh trade to pay their bills due to the recent cut in welfare payments by the Gillard government.

The new policy, which started Jan 1, 2013, affected 84,000 single parents. The bulk of them, mostly women, were moved to the Newstart unemployment allowance when their youngest child becomes eight years old from the previous 16 cut-off, and over 60,000 now get less $60 to $100 per week because of the changes to entitlement. Payments went down to a minimum $265 from $324 weekly.

A Brisbane brothel confirmed the rise in applicants from single mothers due to the welfare amendments. So far, the prostitution house has received 20 applications. A prostitute in that brothel could earn up to $1,000 for eight hours of work by servicing three to five customers.

"They're looking for extra cash to help cope following the cuts and Christmas and back to school," AAP quoted the unidentified spokeswoman.

However, others who could not stomach peddling their flesh, engage in pole dancing in strip joints.

The changes in welfare payments, will save the government $728 million every year. The aim of the amendment was to encourage single parents to go back to employment or get an education, though many in that situation find these two options difficult to pursue, causing some of them to turn to other means of livelihood, including prostitution.

Dubbed the world's oldest profession, prostitution thrives in big cities. In Australia, the flesh trade is governed by state and territory laws which vary by jurisdiction.

Because of risks faced by people in the flesh trade, several groups such as this one are campaigning for the decriminalisation and legalisation of prostitution, which will likely remain as a last recourse for many people desperate to make ends meet.

Meme makers have created memes on the topic, indicating the different perspective that society has on the flesh trade.

Some see it as an easy way to make money

Prostitution is also often linked to pornography

While many detective movies and TV shows depict prostitution as a front for government agents or spies

But some people view politicians as flesh trade participants

While these two memes take a humorous approach to the trade

Lest we forget, there are also males engaged in this trade

And finally, even religion has a say about the trade.

Although who Jesus is alluding to in this meme could be debatable because while Mary Magdalene, the woman who washed Jesus' feet was no doubt a sinner since she had many husbands, whether she was a prostitute is not explicitly stated in scriptures.

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