The Sims 4 Updates: No Death by Depression in Game; Emotions Will Fuel the Music Score

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Tragedies may happen in real life, but Electronic Arts is trying to spare these same tragic feelings and situations when you're playing "The Sims 4."

It seems that apart from not having pools and toddlers at launch, "The Sims 4" will also not feature the ability of getting depressed and dying from it. According to PC Gamer, the developers are firm on erring on the side of humour when playing the game, and dying of depression may reportedly put a shadow on the lightheartedness of the game.

The creators of "The Sims 4" have also noted that depression, being a real condition in life, is not something that they feel would be appropriate to be made fun of as a "gameplay feature," much in the same way as having "non-binary gender" becoming merely an option in the game.

It's also the reason why floods, earthquakes and other disasters are not part of the game, as they want to keep the bad things that people experience outside of a game that's supposed to be fun.

While developer Maxis is still in discussion about whether these features will debut in "The Sims 4" someday, fans, on the other hand, have voiced their disappointment in forums like HabboxForum.

"It's almost like they're going back in time rather than improving it," said forums user Bolt660. The commenter was referring to the fact that there will be a lot of missing features in the upcoming "The Sims 4."

Speculations of being able to buy the removed content are met with similar disapprovals, especially because some of the additional content is priced too much for its added value.

The Emotions Flow Better with Good Music

Music will also be a huge part of the experience of "The Sims 4," and the developers are also giving a quick update on what can be expected with the new and improved installment of the game.

"All the music in 'The Sims 4' is completely new, original and focused on our players. We write music to make players feel good and be inspired to be their most creative selves," said the developers over "The Sims" Blog.

Music will also be used to accompany the players throughout the new modes, and hopefully, provide enough inspiration to get their creative juices flowing while building their Sims and cities.

According to the developers, the two modes, Create a Sim and Build mode will have eight levels of intensity. This means that as you add more details or remove these details on your masterpiece, the music will change depending on your work pace.

Another mode, the Live Mode for "The Sims 4," will also have new music scores, and this would be even more special as it will be more focused on the hyped emotional gameplay. There's even music that would be appropriate for most of your moods, such as romance music for dates and courtship, electronica for an upbeat experience and pop for those everyday situations.

An exclusive track will be released before "The Sims 4" launches, while there's already a mix of the Build Mode theme made available on "The Sims 4" Soundcloud Page, which can be downloaded here.

"The SIms 4" Stay Weirder trailer (Credit: YouTube/TheSims)

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