SIMS 4 Update: Game Gets Adults-Only R Rating--Find Out Why; Possible Release Date Revealed


The SIMS 4 is one of the most anticipated games that fans are eagerly waiting for. According to the latest update on Electronic Arts' (EA) game, the upcoming installment has been given adults-only R rating by Russia. Keep reading to find out why. Also, find out the expected release date of the much awaited fourth installment of The SIMS.

The reason why The SIMS 4 has come under fire is due to the inclusion of same-sex relationships. For allowing same sex marriage in the life simulation game, Russia has classified the game as 18+, according to Ars Technia.

The Web site notes that the news broke out after a Russian SIMS account posted a tweet announcing that the game is "prohibited for children."

The tweet read: "Established Russian rating # TheSims4 - 18 + (Prohibited for children)" [As translated by Google]

This was followed by a tweet that explained the action taken by the Russians. It notes that the game has been assigned adults-only rating "in accordance with the law number 436-FZ." [As translated by Google]

The message points out that such an action has been taken for the "protection of children from information harmful to their health and development."

EA's spokesperson released a statement addressing the issue. EA "have no plans to alter The SIMS 4. One of the key tenets of The Sims is that it is up to the player to decide how to play the game. We provide the simulation sandbox and player choice and creativity does the rest," reads the statement as reported by Yahoo UK & Ireland.

Meanwhile, speculations about The SIMS 4 release date are running rampant. According to KPopStarz, the game is expected to be released before 2014 ends. A post on suggests Sept. 30, 2014 as the SIMS 4's potential release date.

The Web site notes that the "week of 23rd (September) is the release week for Sims 4." There may not be any "solid info," about the release date but as of now they "have confirmation that The SIMS 4 will be released by September 30, 2014," says the post. However, the post further suggests that these dates can be changed.

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