SIMS 4 Round Up: Release Not Yet Announced at GDC 2014, 8 System Innovations And 8 In-Game Changes

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SIMS fans have waited for the official release date of the upcoming fourth instalment of the game at the GDC 2014 held in Moscone Centre. But EA Games has not confirmed anything yet and still discussing the artificial intelligence used in the game. Is the announcement coming out soon?

GDC 2014

Several news were announced on the first few days of Game Developers Conference 2014, including Sony's project called Morpheus demonstrating virtual reality headset that also support 3D stereo sound and PlayStation Move controller, Xbox One indie games coming very soon such as Riptide, GP2 and Guacamelee, Android and iOS cross multiplayer gaming experience and Unity 5 gaming for browsers plan.

But the official release date of the upcoming fourth instalment of the SIMS game is not yet unveiled during the first few days of GDC. It is expected that EA games and developers of SIMS 4 will give worldwide fans something in addition to the latest updates regarding advanced artificial intelligence and technologies used in the game to recreate emotions in bots.


SIMS 4 developers explained how the AI works on the new game instalment but revealed no information about the official release. EA Games plans to release SIMS 4 around fall of 2014, which probably enough time to bring the game to as many computers as possible. SIMS 4 will not be based on any technologies used in any previous SIMS game and even voiceovers have been drafted again to ensure it is original.

SIMS 4 System-Related Innovation

1.  Playable on both Mac and Windows running machines

2.  Optimized on low-end computers

3.  All new artificial intelligence and graphics rendering technology

4.  Optimized game performance to speed up loading screens

5.  Online mode is only required for installing the game

6.  Additional elements are added if players go online

7.  No SIMS 3 transfer to SIMS 4

8.  New system to deliver fewer bugs than SIMS 3

In-Game Changes

1.  Create-A-SIM uses the cursor for intuitive creation and modification

2.  Adding manner of walking and voice-editing supported

3.  Easier Build Mode tools such as transfer rooms instantly

4.  New feature called emotions that affect opportunities and interactions

5.  Objects affect SIMS emotions

6.  More complex relationships and interactions

7.  SIMS can be right- or left-handed

8.  Additional objects such as rocket ship and cupcake factory

On the last day of GDC 2014, SIMS 4 developers will further discuss and present details regarding the game's AI technology and also the final moment for audiences to know the official release date.

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