'The Sims 4' New Mods Unleashed: CAS Cloner, Remove White Outline, How To Install Custom Content

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Three mods for "The Sims 4" are now available to enable players to remove the white outline when clicking "Sims" or objects, Create-A-Sim cloner for custom content and ways on how to install custom contents.

Warning: Installation of third-party contents on "The Sims 4" may cause problems. We are not responsible for anything that may occur in the game when using these mods. Do this at your own risk.

How To Install Custom Contents

EA and Maxis included a folder for players to store mods or third-party contents. It can be accessed by going to "Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods." A file named as "resource.cfg" is located in the mods folder which should remain at all times. In case the mods folder or the file itself has been deleted, the game will create a new one on the next boot up. To install custom contents, follow the instructions below:

1.      Download the custom content file that may be distributed as ".package" form or via zip files requiring WinZIP or WinRAR to be opened.

2.      Copy and paste the ".package" file of the mod or custom content to the mods folder located inside My Documents as mentioned above. Extract the ".package" file if it has been zipped.

3.      For more organised mod files, players can create subfolders inside the mods folder to segregate custom contents.

4.      Deletion of custom contents is possible by simply deleting the files inside the mods folder.

Removal Of White Outline

For users who dislike the white outline when selecting "Sims" or objects inside the game, a mod has been posted in a forum by fogity which removes it. It can be installed by simply copying and pasting file to the mods folder and has been claimed compatible with other mods which do not change the outline.

CAS Cloner

A CAS cloner demo has been released for "The Sims 4" and it allows cloning of everything for creating a new custom content including textures and meshes. As of now, the cloner tool features thumbnail preview, export and import of DDS and multiple tag-searches. The developer aims to include mesh preview with texture and adding of swatches on the upcoming update. Click here to download the CAS Cloner Demo tool.

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