SIMS 4 Missing Contents To Be Added Via DLC and New Details Unveiled From Livestream

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Early reviews on the "SIMS 4" gained negative comments due to lack of contents such as toddles and swimming pool found on the "SIMS 3."

Lack of Additional Contents than SIMS 3

"SIMS 4" is a much-awaited game for 2014 and reports claim that initial experiences from reviewers pointed the lack of contents such as toddlers and swimming pools which was found on default gameplay of the "SIMS 3" - excluding any expansion packs.

ChristianPost reports that the release of review copies of the "SIMS 4" gained more negative feedback rather than uplifting comments and most commonly caused by the lack of contents when compared to the "SIMS 3."

However, it is expected that Maxis and EA will bring back these contents via Downloadable Content packages or DLC which require additional costs as if purchasing an expansion pack. As of now, players can simply experience the new improvements provided by game developers such as the new building tools and the new Create-A-SIM tool.

SIMS 4 Recent Livestream

A post at Reddit revealed several details on the recent "SIMS 4" livestream hosted by Simguru Ryan and Simguru Houts for an hour. The SIMSVIP live broadcast in August 26 revealed options for the Build and Live modes found on the "SIMS 4."

Build Mode options to be used for constructing a new home:

1.      Styled Rooms cover at least five to eight rooms per room category such as bathroom, bedroom, living and kitchen.

2.      Three colour schemes available for Styled Rooms including mustard yellow, brown and tan.

3.      Three wall height pre-sets are available.

4.      Option to purchase individual objects from Styled Rooms.

5.      Three door types matching the wall heights.

6.      Foundation will generated after four rooms are built with adjustable sliders.

7.      Stairs automatically adjusts to match the building height and can be dragged to increase or decrease width.

8.      Automatic windows can be used to place windows on a single action.

9.      Walls may be placed at different heights.

10.  Styled Kids Rooms with five styles and three colour schemes.

Additional Build Mode options include placing outdoor plants at the top of the roof, different light settings which reflects the course of the day and no support needed to make cantilevers. A new entertainment object for "SIMS" called Motion Gaming Rig has been added on the Live Mode which is based on a full 3D gaming simulator placing virtual blocks and columns like Tetris.

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