The Sims 4 Live Demo Shows Character Customization as More Videos Feature Smarter Sims

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"The Sims 4" has been receiving a number of short clips for trailers, detailing weirder stories or some of the new things that you can expect from the game considering the big role that emotions now play in the title.

Despite the removal of some features, such as toddlers and pools, as well as the fewer listed careers in career school, there's something that makes "The Sims 4" unique from the rest of the franchise's installments. This is the new character customisation system called "Create-a-SIm," first demoed by Electronic Arts at Gamescom 2014.

In addition, this system, according to IGN, is an overhaul of previous creation tools, as you can play around with the kind of character you want to turn up with in "The Sims 4." For instance, you can adjust the weight and fitness controls to get even the smallest details right. The report adds that even the posture and way your Sim will look standing up can be changed, depending on how you adjust the spine.

As usual, the facial structure of your Sim can also be adjusted with a simple dragging of the mouse. And just like your normal real-life resident, your Sim can take his or her pick from the array of choices with clothes-from colour down to the material it's made of.

Since emotions do play a big part in "The Sims 4," Venture Beat reports that personality traits can be chosen for your Sim, and this includes the kind of tendencies and dispositions they have, such as being energized or being gloomy most of the time. According to the report, because of this development, sometimes methods of either cheering up a Sim or making him feel down may or may not work, depending on the type of innate personality the Sim has.

That's not all there is to it, as VG 24/7 reports that Build Mode was also shown off at Gamescom. A new notable feature in Build Mode is the ability to move everything, even an entire house. There's also an added feature in "The Sims 4" that lets you go through the creations of other players via the Gallery, with also the option of bringing these creations straight to your game.

"That's just a slice of 'The Sims 4,'" said Franklin in a statement quoted by Venture Beat. "You can experiment with your Sims and play out their own interesting stories."

Check out the latest trailer for "The Sims 4" before it releases on Sept. 2, but the "Create-a-Sim" is already available for download over at the official Web site.

"The Sims 4" Create-a-Sim official demo gameplay (Credit: YouTube/TheSims)

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