SIMS 4 Create-A-SIM Tools: New Features for Body Editing, More Flexible Outfit Options and New Genetic Factor

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Presentation of 'The Sims 4' is Given at the Electronic Arts World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview Press Conference at the Shrine Auditorium
A presentation of "The Sims 4" is given at the Electronic Arts (EA) World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview press conference at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, June 9, 2014. The event takes place on the eve of the annual three-day Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game conference. REUTERS/David McNew

Create-A-SIM tool on SIMS 4 is one of the most reshaped features of the game series and it allows players to edit SIMS with more depth than before. Know the changes on sculpting the body, dressing up SIMS and the new tool called Genetic.

IGN got an exclusive try-out with three essential editing tools for the SIMS 4 - Body, Clothing and Genetic.

Body Sculpting

Sculpting the body of the SIMS in SIMS 3 is not very flexible and creating the best figure for them may be difficult. In SIMS 4, the only sliders available to the player would be the fitness level and weight level while other factors attributed to the physical looks are modifiable using the mouse.

1.      Selection of various body parts is supported.

2.      Changing selected body parts requires dragging.

3.      Posture is also affected by dragging the spine.

4.      Dragging the feet will change its size.

5.      For detailed facial feature, drag specific face points to shape.

6.      Pupils are now editable by dragging them.

7.      Templates are available for bone structure.

Choosing the Clothes

SIMS 4 now support hairstyles even with hats on which were not available in SIMS 3. Moreover, designation of outfit for each occasion is now on freestyle. The SIM may go to work in pyjamas or sleep wearing formal outfit. Other changes include:

1.      Choose boots under or over pants.

2.      Sorting of outfit based on colour and material.

3.      New options and animations have been added.

Genetic Factor for SIMS

SIMS Generation between relatives in the SIMS 3 was not a major factor and mostly affects the racial factor of the parents and their children. But in SIMS 4, it received a major overhaul and now includes the Genetic tool to improve characterisation and storyline.

1.      Expansion of the SIMS' family generation from grandparents to grandchildren.

2.      Ability to modify a brother or sister as twin instead.

3.      Kids will have a close physical resemblance to their parents with customisation of skin tone.

4.      Hair colour and style are also affected by the tool if desired.

5.      Expanded details of family relation by implying aunts, uncles, grandparents and more.

6.      Attitudes and other personality factors may even be influenced by the Genetic tool.

7.      It is applicable during family creation or when two SIMS decided to start their own family.

SIMS 4 is expected to be released commercially on Windows computers on September 2 while MAC users may have to wait for the official release date.

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