Simple Tweak to Speed Up Android Devices Phenomenally

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Search giant Google's Android OS is known for its flexibility, agility, and usability. Although there are lots of tips and tricks available online to enhance the Android user experience, the single tweak mentioned in this post can provide a whole lot of difference in the performance. Also this tweak does not require any external help from third-party apps. Therefore, the in-built settings in Android phones can be used to improve the speed.

Simple Tweak

The following tweak allows Android device owners to speed up the "transition animations" that come into picture when switching from one app to another and also when a new window is opened or closed. This animation setting can be tweaked to improve the speed of the device, according to BGR.

In order to tweak this particular setting, navigate to the "Developer Options" settings in any Android smartphone. Depending on the type of phone, this particular option will be housed under different subsections of the main "Settings." Moreover, this option might also be hidden in several smartphones. Hence perusing the housed settings could help in locating the "Developer Options".

Once the "Developer Options" setting is located, scroll down until the following three sections/settings are found. Depending on the phone, these three settings could be located on the main screen or part of the advanced option.

- Window animation scale

- Transition animation scale

- Animator duration scale

Users can tap these settings to see the default value. The value "Animation scale 1x" will be set for each one of these settings by default. To speed up the Android device, alter the value of each of these three settings to "Animation scale .5x." Also, once the changes are made to the settings, the Android launcher should be restarted.

Here are the steps to restart the Android launcher:  Open the Settings screen -> tap Apps -> swipe over to All Category -> scroll down and tap the Launcher app. This simple tweak should provide phenomenal speed boost to the Android device.

General Tips

According to GeekOFreak, here are some of the useful tips to follow in order to maintain a high-performing smartphone:

- Delete unused and inactive apps

- Remove unwanted widgets and shortcuts from the screen

- Clear "App Cache" periodically

- Less frequently used "downloaded apps/games" should be moved to microSD card instead of the phone memory.

- In order to make the app launching easier, download any of the free "app launchers" available in Google Play Store. 

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