Simon Cowell's Tip to Harry Styles about Taylor Swift Reconciliation Not True [PHOTOS]


Earlier today, reports suggest that Harry Styles has allegedly spoken to his ex, Taylor Swift after Simon Cowell advised him. Cowell's publicist says that there is no truth to this story.

Many reacted when it was reported that the X-Factor giant pushed Harry Styles to "clear the air" with US singer, Taylor Swift after their break-up. According to the source, it was to prevent any harm to One Direction's popularity in the states, and to resolve issues involving the relationship.

"Simon gave Harry a friendly warning that any animosity between him and Taylor could jeopardise One Direction's popularity in the U.S." says a source as reported by The Daily Mirror.

"They're two of the world's biggest music stars, and Simon knew that, although things didn't work out between them, they were bound to meet at various events and awards ceremonies," added the source. The source added that Harry finally answered some of Swift's recent calls to talk and straighten out differences.

But these tips prove to be a sham after Cowell's publicist spoke that "there's absolutely no truth" on the alleged "advising."

"This story was completely made up. One Direction (members) make their own decisions on their personal relationships and this matter hasn't even been discussed." added the publicist.

In a way, the publicist makes a point. If Harry thinks he can get into a highly-publicized relationship and decides to fall off of it, then he must be the one doing efforts to make everything right. Also, there have been many "broken relationships" in the music industry and personal lives rarely affect the popularities of those involved. In fact, these kinds of controversies make them more famous and "well-buzzed" around social media sites.

We leave you with this: If One Direction's popularity is what's bothering him, Simon Cowell has nothing to worry about. 

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