Simon Cowell Reveals Having a Boy with Lauren Silverman; X Factor USA Judge to Call him “Tad” [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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“X Factor USA” judge, Simon Cowell has accidentally revealed he is having a baby boy with girlfriend Lauren Silverman during an interview on a US news show. The media mogul has even picked a name for his unborn son, and said he will call him Tad. But why Tad? Read on.

The British mogul was being interviewed on “Access Hollywood” when he made the revelation. You would really give it to the “X Factor” judge because he did so with not much flare as expected from controversial personality like he is.

“Access Hollywood” host, Shaun Robinson asked SiCo if measures are in place to prepare for the arrival of his first child with the NY socialite. Robinson apparently wanted to know if Simon has any plans to strap a baby seat into his Bugati sports car.

"Yes, of course he's got to learn how to drive very quickly," Cowell said, according to the Herald Sun.

Robinson fired a follow-up question, asking for the baby’s gender, not realizing that SiCo already did.

So, Simon in his usual, straightforward self, quipped and said, "I think I just gave it away, Shaun."

"You certainly did. Oh my gosh!" Robinson responded.

Now that the whole world knows that the Simon’s first child is going to be a boy, the next logical step is choosing a name for him. And SiCo had already had it down pat. The first-time Dad already knows what to call him and he already announced the baby’s name shortly after letting the public know his gender.

Simon said, "Everybody knows anyway. It's a boy ... The first time I saw it (on an ultrasound) ... I called him Tad, because he looked like a tadpole. I still wanna call him Tad."

Things seem to fall into place in Simon Cowell’s personal life. Recent reports claim that his mother wanted him to get married after the baby is born. This is a surprising development in Simon’s romantic life, considering his involvement with a number of women. Lauren Silverman, who had just been officially divorced a couple of months ago confirmed she’s pregnant with Simon’s child.

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