Silicon Valley Millionaire Gurbaksh Chahal Fired Over Domestic Violence Raps

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RadiumOne million dollar worth CEO Gurbaksh Chahal is fired by his company's board of directors following a hyped domestic violence case filed by former girlfriend.

Chahal is known for his "Midas Touch" by founding successful start-up ventures in a very young age. These start-ups transformed into multi-million dollar worth before he sold them to tech giants like ValueClick (now Conversant) and Yahoo. RadiumOne is the third start-up founded by Chahal in 2009. The young tech mogul plans to bring the company public within a year, but it seems that the proposition will be halted following the abuse case.

In an official press release published in April 27, 2014, RadiumOne confirmed that the company terminated Chahal as Chief Executive Officer. He will be taken over by Bill Lonergan, the Chief Operating Officer.

The 31-year-old Gurbaksh Chahal was charged with 47 felony counts of domestic violence according to the CNET report. He also allegedly beaten her girlfriend 117 times in a 30-minute brutal attack in his San Francisco residence. However, Chahal publicly defended his actions through his official blog, writing his heartbeat in a post entitled "Can You Handle the Truth?"

In the blog, he shares that the "humiliation he feels is immeasurable" as it damaged his business, and his reputation to the people who "looked up to him in the past." He also described her girlfriend an infidel after discovering her having "unprotected sex for money with other people."

Reports suggest that the Chahal's battery was recorded in video. However, it fails to be used as evidence due to improper acquisition. The tech millionaire pled guilty after a plea bargain to be ruled with a lenient sentence. Chahal agreed on misdemeanour domestic violence to take him from possible jail time. He was sentenced with three years' probation, 25 hours of community service, and 52 weeks in a domestic violence training course, reported.

According to prosecutors, the victim did not cooperate on the case, giving Chahal a chance for a plea bargain.

Netizens have mixed reactions on Gurbaksh Chahal domestic violence raps. While the others are questioning the credibility of the girl, others say that "bad temper" is not an enough reason to beat a woman.

In an ironic twist, a Twitter user posted Gurbaksh Chahal's article with a title "15 Things Leaders Never Do."

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