Sia Sings for President Barack Obama

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Sia recently got the honour to sing her song "Chandelier" for members of the LGBT community and for President Barack Obama.

The Australian singer and songwriter performed in front of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) group during the Democratic National Committee LGBT Gala on June 18, a fundraiser in New York, where the attendees paid between $1,200 and $32,400 for dinner tickets. Sia reached out to them and the President by singing her hit song, delivering each note, perfectly. She looked classic in a black, strapless gown. She was sporting a red lipstick and a bun.

After the event, Sia Furler, well known as Sia, shared her happiness on her Twitter page: "OMG I guess I just sang for the DNC and, er, THE PRESIDENT! #untelevised #faceoutfortheprez"  The tweet includes a 21-second video of her actual performance, with the American flag in the background.

Sia's singing talent and her song were not the only reasons why she got the honour to perform at the fund raiser. She has been open about her bisexuality and came out publically in 2006, according to Hollywood Life. Sia has admitted to dating both men and women, including JD Samson of Le Tigre. She is now engaged to Erik Anders Lang, a filmmaker. Same Same has recognised her as "one of the Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Australians" aongside Penny Wong, Matthew Mitcham, Michael Kirby, and Glenn Hansen. In 2009, she said to Same Same, "I'm flattered. We need to continue to fight for equal rights so that all the little gay babies that are being born right now, can have the right that we don't."

Aside from being the voice behind the song, "Titanium," which she collaborated with David Guetta, Sia has also worked with several famous artists in the music industry. According to Hollywood Life, She has written Rihanna's "Diamonds" Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts," Christina Aguilera's "Blank Page," and Kylie Minogue's "Kiss Me Once" and "Sexercise".

Recently, she hit the headlines because of her bad experience at a dry cleaner shop in New York. She shared on her Twitter page, "Suggestions for revenge/pranks on dry cleaner who ruined favorite things and won't take responsibility? Please discuss." She also asked her fans to write bad reviews against the shop in Yelp. Moreover, she said that the dry cleaning shop simply ignored her rant.

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