Shooters for the Weekend: 'Titanfall’s' New Community Challenge and More of 'Destiny' on the PS4

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"Titanfall" developer Respawn Entertainment has announced the newest "Titanfall" Community Challenge that players can get busy with over the weekend.

"Being the top player always feels good, but can you become the top team player?," challenged the Respawn.

This time, it's a call for players to get the highest amount of Assists within just one full match of Last Titan Standing. Players have until May 25, 3:59 pm PDT to try and be the best wingman in the game.

To take part in the "Titanfall" Community Challenge, all interested gamers need to do is grab a screenshot of the entire match results screen page, one that is readable for a definite win. As usual, ties will be decided with a random drawing to get one winner.

(Credit: YouTube/xbox)

The loot is the "Titanfall" Swag Pack, which features a signed "Titanfall" art book, a full set of "Titanfall" patches and exclusive Titan Pins. Check out the link above for a sample of the screenshot and make great use of the weekend taking one for the team.

The PS4 Advantage: Pre-order and Pre-load 'Destiny'

Even though a number of fans did not expect the PS4's unique feature—pre-loading games to ensure ready-to-play on the release date coming with the 1.7 PS4 update—to miss out on titles like "Watch Dogs," at the very least, it will debut for one of the anticipated games this year, "Destiny."

Videogamer has spotted the newest feature as a confirmed service on the PS4 Support site for Activision and Bungie's newest shooter title.

"Beginning with Destiny, certain pre-ordered titles can be automatically pre-loaded prior to their release. This lets you rest easy knowing that your game will be ready for play the second its release date hits," reports Videogamer.

Technically, the game will be pre-loaded on gamers' PS4, but they won't be able to access and play the game until the release date hits the clock.

In order to take advantage of this new PS4 feature for "Destiny," gamers need to keep a few things in mind. First is they will need to pre-order "Destiny" to actually avail of the pre-load feature. Also, they need to download the PS4 1.7 update. Afterwards, go to Settings > System > Automatic Downloads and Uploads and set the option for automatic downloads to enabled.

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