Shooters on the PS4: 'Battlefield Hardline' and 'Titanfall' Spotted for PS4 and a Sneak Peek at 'Destiny'

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A Los Angeles Street Battle Scene In The Beta Version Of 'Battlefield: Hardline'
People are shown a Los Angeles street battle scene in the beta version of "Battlefield: Hardline" at the Electronic Arts (EA) World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview press conference at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, June 9, 2014. The event takes place on the eve of the annual three-day Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game conference. Reuters/David McNew

After leaked screenshots and succeeding surprise announcement, "Battlefield Hardline" has received more details at the E3 2014.

EA has already announced its release date, which will be on the Oct 21, as posted in the official "Battlefield Hardline" Web site. PC Mag reports that, at the E3 2014, EA has also announced the closed beta for "Battlefield Hardline," which is open for players who only need to sign up at the official Web site. However, there is also a requirement criteria for players, which includes a PS4 or a PC with 64-bit Windows 7 or 8, apart from the limited slots.

Lastly, there's already a new trailer titled "Into the Jungle". It shows off a few gameplay and cinematic footage. Instead of the battleground of war, players have the city streets and cops and robbers in the game.

(Credit: YouTube/Battlefield)

'Titanfall' into the PS4 Platform?

"Titanfall" had been the most anticipated game for the Xbox One, as an exclusive title that introduced a pretty unique and high-adrenaline shooting experience.

For a while, "Titanfall" has become a driving force for the Xbox, with some even putting it as a possible reason for Microsoft's next-gen console to be more driven in sales. However, it may be likely the next installment of the game will no longer hold the exclusivity rights.

A source report from The Wall Street Journal has stated a person close to the project has revealed the "Titanfall" sequel will likely also come to the PS4. In addition, the title is already at its planning stages. But, as usual, EA has not yet commented on the news, though E3 2014 is still ongoing and Respawn, developer of "Titanfall," has promised fans the event will be a venue for the announcement of a new "Titanfall" experience.

Already the E3 2014 experience for "Titanfall" fans is enjoying the future of gaming with "Titanfall" on the PC where it will also be playable on the Nvidia Shield. Players are also up to earn "Titanfall" Burn Packs.

'Destiny' Shown Off at the E3 2014

Bungie's "Destiny" at the E3 2014 has given new information regarding the game, particularly about The Traveler and the reason for why the player is the Earth's savior.

The player is basically the person in charge of getting back the order of things after The Traveler, supposedly bringing help to mankind, became its source of doom, reports VG 24/7.

What's even more surprising at the E3 2014 is that it was announced the title will have its own bundle with the PS4. On Sept 9, at the same time that "Destiny" will be released, there will be an exclusive PS4 Destiny Bundle, featuring a 500 GB all-white PS4 console and DualShock 4, "Destiny" and a 30-day run with the PS Plus.

(Credit: YouTube/GamesHQMedia)

The beta for the game will come in a month on July 17.

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