SHOCKING VIDEOS: Would You Still Buy Fur from China After Watching This?

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Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has tapped the services of Chinese actress Olivia Mann to protest the brutal and inhuman way of killing animals in China for their fur.

The video showed dogs, rabbits and other domestic animals with thick furs kept inside small cages and culled for their skin to be made into fur coats, wallets, bags and other luxury items.

In some cases, the animals were still alive, but are tied and hang on their feet, and then the skin is literally stripped from the animal.

The video was produced by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, timed to coincide with Fashion Week in which some of the creations presented on the catwalk include fur clothing or accessories.

PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews said the video was made to go around China's laws which prohibit protests. In other countries, PETA organisers stage controversial protests by tapping celebrities in different stages of undress to air their sentiment against the killing of animals for its meat, skin or other body parts.

However, in China, the group has to use different strategies such as asking Chinese celebrities to wear PETA anti-fur T-shirts.

PETA is also campaigning against the use of animals in China to test beauty products.

PETA used undercover investigators who spent weeks in China to capture the shocking footage which includes gruesome images and whines of animals while writhing in pain.

One scene showed a fur farm worker placing a wire noose over a dog's head, restraining the animal and stunning its genital with a metal rod. Another one showed raccoon dogs being bludgeoned, rabbits being decapitated and animals thrown inside cages.

Australia had protested similar brutal methods of cattle and sheep exported overseas for their meat and skin, including the inhumane way that Pakistan culled sheep suspected to be diseased and the way cows are culled in Indonesian slaughterhouses.

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