Shocking Video of Pedigree Dog Culling in Bali Emerges [Video]

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A shocking video of pedigree dog culling being conducted in the beautiful island paradise of Bali has emerged.

The video uploaded by Tony z revealed terrified pedigree adult dogs and puppies writhing in fear and suffering seizures as Balinese officials euthanized them. They are being put down with lethal injection given through a heart stick. The officials will then pick up the corpses by the tail and throw them in one area together with more lifeless dogs.

"If dogs are not cruelly killed for food then they are brutally killed because they are homeless. In Bali frightened smuggled dogs for the black market are held in cages and forced to watch others killed by lethal injection. The sadistic scene involving innocent dogs whose only crime is being homeless and suspected to have 'rabies,'" video poster Tony z top wrote.

PETA Australia condemned the mass culllings.

"PETA strongly condemns the slaughter seen in this video. Dogs are clearly terrified and stressed, no attempt is made to administer lethal injection via IV methods (the only humane form of euthanasia) and there is no reason why these dogs cannot be vaccinated rather than slaughtered," a spokesperson for PETA Australia said.

Indonesia had passed a law for culling dogs back in 2008 when a resident died of rabies. However, in 2010, the government had already conducted an anti-rabies mass vaccination that was aimed to stop the cruel dog culling.

Apparently, Bali did not stop the inhumane practice.

On April 21, 31 pedigree dogs including Siberian husky Pomeranian, miniature Pomeranian, and leci were put down, Bali Times reports.

The dogs were smuggled to the island and no one contacted the officials to claim ownership. Hence, the dogs need to be killed, Ida Bagus Eka Ludra of the Bali Agricultural Quarantine Office said.

Ludra clarified that they waited for 24 hours for necessary documents to have the dogs back to their place of origin. If such documents did not come and no one claims ownership that is the only time that they will proceed to euthanasia.

He said that the process is in lieu of the Agriculture Ministry's Regulation No. 1696/2008 stating that Bali is a mad dog disease quarantine area.

 "According to the regulation, animals, such as dogs, cats, and monkeys, which could carry the rabies virus, are currently banned from entering Bali. The regulation is still effective and not yet revoked," Ludra underlined.

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