Shocking Topless Pictures of Nora Arnezeder Kissing Another Female Emerge, What Would Orlando Say?

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Shocking topless pictures have emerged of French actress Nora Arnezeder, who is the current rumoured love interest of actor Orlando Bloom. Daily Mail has posted topless picture of the 24-year-old actress wearing only purple bikini shorts. The picture seems to have been taken when Arnezeder was just 21 and was dating Orlando Bloom lookalike Manuele Malenotti in Spain. Wonder what Orlando will have to say when he sees the pictures? Click here for the pictures.

Another surprise element that emerges from the pictures is that the French beauty is also seen kissing another female on the same beach. Daily Mail has posted the picture, but the face of the other woman is not clear. The female that Nora is kissing can be seen with a camera and the two seem to be really intimate with each other.  

The actor, who has just announced his split with wife of three years Miranda Kerr, was seen arriving at The Roger Room bar in Los Angeles with Nora on his Ducati bike, E! Online reports. The pair reportedly chose a secluded spot at the restaurant and talked for about two hours while sipping on some cocktails. They were reportedly behaving in a normal way and not displaying any affection.

"Orlando and Nora were in the bar for about two hours enjoying some drinks and talking. They sat at a corner table together and weren't joined by anyone else," Daily Mail quoted a source as saying.

Bloom and the French beauty have not been spotted together ever since but various media outfits have linked the two together. Orlando is single and it is the first time he has spent some time with any other female apart from Miranda after the recent breakup.

The Paris-born Nora appeared in 2012's "Safe House" with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Her other significant role is in the French indie flick "Angelique." The blonde beauty has been in the media spotlight since she has been pictured with Orlando. Do you think that Orlando and Nora should date and become a couple? 

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