Shocking: Taylor Swift's Parents are Controlling, Can Damage Her Career

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Country music artist Taylor Swift arrives at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas
Country music artist Taylor Swift arrives at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada April 6, 2014. REUTERS/Steve Marcus REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Who would have thought sweet and mild-mannered Taylor Swift can have such difficult parents? At least one report says so. According to Page Six, Taylor Swift's parents are difficult and controlling. They also act like annoying stage parents that can ruin their child's career instead of enhacing it as their overprotective and overzealous ways can put off alot of people surrounding Taylor Swift.

According to Page Six, sources have revealed that Taylor Swift's parents, Scott and Andrea Swift are too controlling and manipulative that they have edged out several senior staff members at their company called the 13 Management. They have also bypassed a lot of agents at CAA and WME. Just last month, Paula Erickson, who has worked with Taylor Swift for nearly seven years now resigned after providing 2 months' notice. Many speculated this has something to do with Swift's parents and their controlling behavior as well.

Taylor's business managers Flood, Bumstead, McCready and McCarthy all decided they cannot work with Taylor Swift last year and many are now starting to link this decision to Swift's quite unmanageable parents. Taylor Swift is currently being represented by AEG for touring as well as IMG.

Interestingly, Scott and Andrea Swift themselves are annoying each other. They live separately and do not agree on a lot of things.

According to one source: "Taylor's parents are incredibly difficult to deal with. Their expectations are enormous, and they are very hard to please. They want to pay as little as possible and treat people like s - - t, because they think those people are lucky to have the chance to work with a superstar like Taylor. 

People who hear Taylor Swift sings and watch her perform will not know such drama is happening behind the scene. For now then, one can assume that Taylor Swift is quite unaffected or the report is untrue. However, if the report is true, her parents should surely shape up before they do anything damaging to Swift's career.

Even with this incriminating report, Reps for 13 Management and Taylor's label, Big Machine refused to add fuel to the fire and did not comment. Erickson also declined to comment.

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