Shocking Taylor Swift vs. Ryu from Street Fighter in Grammys: ‘I still don't have what it takes, I must train harder’ says Ryu after Attacking Taylor

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Grammy 2014 was more than just awesome performances by Daft Punk and Taylor Swift. Ryu from Street Fight had a bone to pick with Taylor Swift and he decided to go one-on-one with her at Grammys. It was Taylor Swift vs. the ultimate fighter Ryu.

When Taylor Swift performed at the Grammys, she showcased her oh-so-awesome headbanging skills while singing "All Too Well." Well, nothing was too well for Taylor, she could not pick any Grammy this year, moreover Ryu, a character from Street Fighter attacked her.

The performance at Grammys garnered more than 7 million hits at the time of this article. The 28-second clip uploaded on YouTube was packed with lethal punches and high kicks.

Unfortunately, Ryu's kicks and punches were no match to Taylor Swift's might will power, and he lost. She didn't give up at all.

Like a true fighter, Ryu decided to declare that he cannot beat the musical powers of Taylor Swift and must train harder. Fans are hoping that he shall return to beat the hell out of Taylor. Only time will tell.

"I still don't have what it takes, I must train harder," said Ryu after the fight.

The dude who made this mash-up did a fantastic job in terms of the kicks and punches landing straight on Taylor's face and the headbanging did the trick.

Taylor was up for four awards at 2014 Grammys but had to go home with nothing on Sunday night. However, she got all the attention because of the poker face during the show.

The moment was captured on camera when she gasped in shock as she believed she won album of the year for "Red." Daft Punk bagged the award for their album "Random Access Memories."

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift attacked by Ryu was thoroughly enjoyed by folks on the Internet.

Check out the video and learn some Ryu moves!

Credit: YouTube/Twisted Genre

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