Shocking Photo of Justin Bieber Tongue Kissing Male Friend Khalil Sharief Emerges Online: Is Justin Bieber Gay?

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Justin Bieber is on a constant path to self-destruction. Forget the picture where he is seen sucking on the huge fake breasts of a female stripper, another picture of Justin Bieber has emerged online where the singer is seen tongue-kissing his best friend Khalil Sharief. The same stripper whose nipples both guys were sucking earlier seems to be at their back. Justin is seen putting his tongue in the mouth of Khalil and both of them have their eyes closed. Take a look at the picture here.

"Beliebers need to explain this. Justin Bieber is out of control," is the caption of the photo which Throbin Hood (@caseyFranthony) has posted on his Twitter account. But before you jump on to the conclusion and start considering Justin Bieber as gay or bisexual, here is a brief history of the picture.

The 19-year-old has been caught on camera doing very lewd acts with a female stripper and the whole fiasco was reportedly been caught on a videotape. Pictures of the "Believe" singer and his close friend Khalil sucking the breasts of a female stripper are circulating on various Web sites. Though it's just the pictures which are now seen on various news' sites, chances are that the video footage of the singer's lewd act will also be released. Take a look at the uncensored picture here from

The footage is believed to be taken from Bieber's 2013 November trip to Australia and Radar Online has a copy of it. Bieber was allegedly recorded on surveillance video in a lap dancing club in Queensland, Australia and his acts include "spanking" women's bottom and "pulling off their panties with his teeth," reported.

Justin and Khalil's breast sucking pictures do not show the complete face of the woman but the playboy tattoo on her hip bone is clearly visible. Justin can be seen closing his eyes as he sucks on the fake breasts of the woman, who appears much older than him.

Now some really clever minded and photo shop experts have taken the original Justin and Khalil picture, where they both suck on fake breasts and have converted it to a picture where both Justin and Khalil appear to be in a lip lock! If you clearly see Justin's and Khalis's expressions in both the pictures, they are same. Even Khalil's hands, which originally appear on stripper's breasts, have been cleverly positioned on Justin's face making the whole thing look like an intimate pose. So Bieber is still straight and not a gay. But are you a "Belieber" still after seeing Justin in such lewd acts?

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