Shocking Murder Case in Russia Involves Cannibalism? 10 Things to Know

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Two Russian fishermen are being investigated with regards to the murder of another fisherman. The investigators suspect a fisherman was a victim of violence and cannibalism.

The two fishermen were rescued after being lost for three months in a remote Far East forest. Here is a look back to the roots of Russia's shocking murder case linked to cannibalism:

1. Four fishermen disappeared in August to one of the most inhospitable places in the world - the Yakutia region in the Russian Far East.

2. After about four months, rescuers found two of the men by the Sutam River, south of Yakutia. However, only two of the lost men were rescued.

3. The rescued men told rescuers their group had split up.  The men were sent to a hospital to be treated for severe frostbite.

4. When an investigating team found human corpse fragments in Yakutia, the murder investigation was opened.

5. The investigators are from the regional capital Yakutsk. They found human remains in suspicious condition within the vicinity of the area where the two men were found.

6. A local report at web site says the two men have fled the hospital and now at large.

7. The state RIA Novosti news broadcast told listeners the investigators would like to confirm or deny whether the two men had eaten one companion. But there were no updates yet on the fourth fisherman.

8. It is understood the investigators have yet to establish a solid case because the human remains have not been officially identified.

9. Criminal investigators are awaiting DNA and forensic testing results to confirm what happened to the victim.

10. A policeman was quoted by local paper Komsomolskaya Pravda the two rescued men did not seem suspicious upon first inspection. However, the rescuers later noticed something odd about them.

"(T)he whole night they just drank tea and ate pies and heated up corned beef. There was the impression there was something wrong with them," the police was quoted as saying, implying that the victims made an impression that they did not starve in the wild forest.

The rescued men, however, had earlier said they were used to living in the open. They also expressed hope that the two other men may still be alive.

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