Shocking Make-up Free Video iof 'Human Barbie' Doll Valeria Lukyanova: Is She Really Lonely in Her Life? [VIDEO]


Valeria Lukyanova, the controversial Ukrainian model who proudly calls herself "Human Barbie" doll, has posted a self-made workout video of herself on YouTube. The video, which you can check out below, shows the make-up free girl with almost no waist running on the beach at the start and then she sits on the table which has some coffee and snacks. Is it her attempt to look "normal?"

Though Valeria is not seen eating the snacks but it looks like she is trying to tell her critics that despite her previous beliefs in just living on fresh air, she does believe in eating.

Surprisingly Valeria does not have much of eye-make up on and one can see her real eyes. She is also seen wearing sunglasses and a sun hat as she runs alone on the roads and beach. The "Human Barbie" is then seen posing for selfies in the mirror and the focus is entirely on her non-existing waist. She takes selfies of her flat tummy in the gym and show off her extremely slim waist to her fans.

The video already has 2 million views and counting and the comments from her fans are also quite interesting. While some of her fans believe that she doesn't look like a "real Barbie" here because of lesser makeup, others are telling her to "eat" and have some meat on her lanky limbs. Valeria also has some loyal fans who adore her for what she is - a Barbie doll and love her as she is.

"You always look amazing Valeria :)," writes Jared Kovacs on the YouTube.

"She looks normal without the make-up," writes dplox.

In her previous interview with Daily Beast, the 28-year-old insisted that she eats "vegetables and herbs" in very small portions to stay healthy and even does "a serious workout in the gym three times a week and I run a lot."

Some of her fans are also of the opinion that the video reflects the sad state of her life where she lives a lonely and a friendless life.

"Does she have any friends? Why is she always alone?" writes another YouTube user named Tinker Bell.

What are your views? Does the new make-up free video of Valeria, where she is alone as she jogs, on the beach or in the gym, reflects that she is indeed very sad in her life? Meanwhile check out the video below and decide yourself.


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