Shocking: Justin Bieber Says He Will Not Commit to Selena Gomez, Will Cheat if Opportunity Knocks

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After professing his undying love to Selena, kissing and dirty dancing in Texas, Justin Bieber still will not commit to a relationship with Selena. And to think people think it is Justin Bieber that still has the hots for the "Come and Get It" singer! Not only will he not commit, he does not believe in being faithful to Selena either. In a more shocking revelation by Hollywood Life, Justin Bieber thinks Selena Gomez is totally under his spell and even if he treats her like dirt, Gomez will keep forgiving him.

"He thinks he is the man," a source close Beiber exclusively shared to Hollywood Life and the magazine is now reporting. Furthermore, "He likes - and you could even say he loves - Selena, but he knows he has the control in the relationship."

"When opportunity knocks, he will for sure answer the door," the source of Hollywood Life added.  "He knows that he would be able to get Selena back if she were to find out, so he is having his cake and eating it too.

For his sake, we hope what he thinks is true or he will lose the gem that Selena Gomez is. For Selena Gomez's sake, we hope she can wake up from whatever reverie she is in and discover Justin's true feelings.

Maybe this is already a sign that Taylor Swift is right, that Justin Bieber is a jerk that Gomez should stay far, far away from. Selena still cannot see it or refuses to see it, calling Taylor Swift petty just because the 'Red' singer ditched their friendship over her reunion with Justin.

While Taylor Swift seems to be overreacting and even acting like a bad friend to someone who needs all the friends she can get, it now appears that Selena Gomez should be extra careful about Justin Bieber too.  

Taylor Swift has been called bitter and jealous by Justin, and this shows how un-gentleman the "One Less Lonely Girl" singer is. Maybe Bieber's indifference to how family and friends of Selena feel about him is already a sign that her ex-bad boy still has not change and become mature, so Selena Gomez is going to deal with heartbreak all over again soon.

With this kind of attitude, Justin Bieber just can kiss the adoration of his remaining fans away, which are mostly young girls. Girls do not hate anything more than a cocky boy who thinks he can wrap anyone around his finger and be unfaithful, especially to a sweet girl like Selena Gomez.

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