Shocking: Justin Bieber Could be Suffering from Brain Damage Claims a Report

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Justin Bieber's bad boy antics, relentless behavior, numerous controversies, impromptu hook ups and more have shocked one and all. For a long time now, the singer star has been in lime light for all the wrong reasons. Bringing to light his bizarre behavior, a shocking report by magazine National Enquirer claims that Justin Bieber might be suffering from brain damage.

The shocking report came to the light following the reports of his arrest. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported a story by magazine National Enquirer claiming that Justin Bieber might be a case of brain damage. According to the report based on magazine's Feb. 10 edition, singer star's former housekeeper named Tatiana Voziuk spilled details on what may have caused the alleged brain damage to Justin Bieber.

The report claims that teen sensation could be abusing "siizurp" a drug cocktail. Reportedly, Tatiana Voziuk revealed that Justin has the ingredients of the drug cocktail kept at his bedside.

"Sizzurp" is said to be a DIY drug cocktail which can have serious repercussions on the person consuming it. It is a dangerous drink.

A report by states that a doctor named Damon Raskin has revealed that the drug cocktail can be as dangerous as a mix of heroin and oxycodone. The site quoted that the drug "can cause brain damage and even death." This doctor has not treated the singer.

Report based on the National Enquirer's shocking story also reveals that singer star Justin Bieber's friends and family now feel the need for professional help. His behavior has become a cause of worry to a close friend. As quoted in the report, the unnamed close friend expressed concern for him. The friend feels that Justin Bieber now needs to be "put in psychiatric ward or lockdown rehab facility."

"It's worse than anyone knows. He needs help - and he needs it now," added the friend as reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

According to the latest updates about Justin Bieber he was caught in an egging incident recently which was followed by raid at his house. Soon after he was caught in drag racing and DUI arrest. Numerous incidents of his reckless behavior have been reported which has led to a speculation that he may be deported to Canada, soon. What do you think about Justin Bieber's bad boy behavior? What do you think lies in his future? 

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