Shocking Janet Jackson's Nipple Reveal to Beyonce's Bare Bum: Top 3 Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunctions

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More than football, Super Bowl has always been about halftime shows, post-game outbursts, disses and wardrobe malfunctions. With Super bowl XLVIII coming to an end, we take a look at the most shocking super bowl wardrobe malfunctions over the years:

Janet Jackson's NippleGate: One of the most re-watched Super Bowl moment in the history of television is Janet Jackson's Nipple rip. Janet and Justin Timberlake took to stage during the half time of Super Bowl XXXVIII, while Justin serenaded the crowd with his song, "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song," Janet shocked the world with her  sun shield decorated nipple reveal.  Well who knew that Justin would really have Janet nearly naked by the end of his song?

Beyoncé Flashes Her Crotch: Super Bowl XLVII is known for Beyonce Knowles outstanding half time performance and off course for her crotch reveal. Undoubtedly, Beyonce's Super Bowl performance has been one of the best by far but little did she know that her tight black outfit would expose her lady parts to the world.  

Bruce Springsteen Crotch Display: Who can forget Bruce Springsteen sliding antic during Super Bowl XLII? Springteen's band was the best thing that could have happened to Super Bowl, but what really caught attention was Bruce's crotch expose. The singer gave a peek into his private parts when put of sheer excitement he glided on the stage.

"Too much adrenalin, a late drop, too much speed," said Bruce regarding his wardrobe mishap.

These wardrobe malfunctions have been etched in the history of Super Bowl and each year fans gear up to get a glimpse of such shocking flashes. Janet's nipple reveal of more than 10 years ago is considered the trendsetter of wardrobe malfunctions. Now, there is rarely any event which is not marked by such controversial sparks.

Let us know what you think about these shocking super bowl wardrobe malfunctions. Were they intended or were just accidental?

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