Shocking: Human Doll, Valeria Lukyanova, Used to Do Drugs, Alcohol, Attempted Committing Suicide [PHOTOS]


Far from her seemingly perfect and "doll-like" personal, living doll, Valeria Lukyanova admits she had her dark days of binging on drugs and alcohol, and even committing suicide in the past.

The young Ukraininan Internet sensation famous for her human Barbie doll looks reveals in a report that she experimented with drugs and alcohol before she got famous.

Valeria admitting that she had a dark past comes across as confusing to most of her fans. She has repeatedly proclaimed her love for natural living, with the sun providing her strength and raw meat filling her stomach with much-needed protein.

On the other hand, it is no surprise since most teenagers who lead radical lifestyles are prone to experimenting with various substances. Alcohol and naturally grown marijuana are considered "the lesser evil" amongst all life-shattering types of drugs, and Valeria recalls her experiences while being into those things.

Also, Valeria mentioned that his father used to work as a DJ, while her mother, was into intrinsic, soul travelling activities while she was growing up. It might have added to her curiousity, mixed with the partying that went with her fame. 

"I was especially fond of hard liquor, I could drink a lot of shots all at once. Valeria admits in a report by The Sun. The human doll also shared how she felt during dreaded blackouts and hangovers.

"The next morning I wouldn't remember anything. Fortunately, I didn't spoil my appearance." shares Valeria, making sure she stays and looks like a doll even when inebriated and "zonked" out of her mind.

Valeria also had a violent bout with prescription drugs at a young age. When she was 14 years old, she allegedly attempted to commit suicide by taking too much prescription medication. The reason behind her dangerous action was a boy who "broke her heart."

Thankfully, the famous human Barbie has rediscovered her way into an astral lifestyle. She undergoes a "raw meat" diet, and only consumed liquids for four months some time last year to detoxify her system.

Aside from her unconventional food intake, Valeria likes to meditate and do yoga. Valeria claims she has perfected mind and body travel in time and space through her concentration and meditation sessions. She shares her "cosmic travels" in a past interview.

"The ultimate goal is to be powered only by solar energy. "I also teach people to leave their physical body and travel in the endless expanses of the universe," says the "floaty" Valeria.

Based on her past alcoholic revelations, it looks like the human doll has indeed, undergone a drastic development, not only with her "plastic roots," but also within herself.

View the slideshow to see "before and after" photos of Valeria, during the time she was hard on alcohol and now that she is living a healthy life. 

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