Shirtless Justin Bieber Smacked and Knocked Down by Basketball Player Blake Griffin for Acting Stupid?

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The year 2014 has not been good for pop star Justin Bieber. Not only he has been caught in legal troubles in two countries but also been pictured in various controversial poses with hookers and strippers. The latest news from the Bieberland is that the singer has been hit in the face for acting stupid by Los Angeles basketball player Blake Griffin! There is an interesting story behind how the whole thing happened.

The story, cited by Empire Sports, goes on like this. Justin Bieber reportedly entered Starbucks cafe at Los Angeles shirtless with his pants dropping really low that his underwear was peeking out for the whole store to see. Due to such rude appearance, the manager refused to serve the "apple macchiato" he asked for reports the Web site.

In a typical Justin Bieber style, the singer got really annoyed at the fact that he was refused to serve what he demanded and hence threw a fit, claims the Web site. The Web site then goes on to site a police report which accuses Bieber of using fowl language to the waiter and also threatening him to have his bodyguard "kick his ass."

The entire drama had a mute spectator - LA Clippers sportperson Blake Griffin. The athlete was present at the same Starbucks cafe and enjoying his coffee and decided to step in. He tried to calm down Bieber at first but all his efforts went into vain. Justin started yelling more and got more aggravated, the Web site says.

That is when Blake decided to punch Bieber in the face to calm him down! His smack was so fast and hard that Bieber was knocked down to the floor.

"He smacked the sh-t out of him. Then I saw Justin stumble out of the door looking like he was crying," the Web site reports citing a source. Justin was gone before the police arrived, the report says.

The story has been shared on Twitter several times but it has not been reported by any other Web site. Further research reveals that Empire States is possibly a satire blog and this story could also be one of the Internet hoaxes, of which some people believed was true. Given the way Bieber is getting into trouble every second day, Twitter users are wishing Justin was actually hit by Blake Griffin. Read the responses below.

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