Shirley Hornstein, Defamed Photoshop (Ab)user Comes Out with Public Apology


Made infamous by her Photoshopped pictures with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, as well as scoring a place as one of the influential people in Silicon Valley are admirable feats to have, Shirley Hornstein finally came out with a public apology on her tumblr page.

In her apology, she said, "I was subject to humiliation and judgment from people I have never met and probably never will. More articles surfaced, and my entire credibility was essentially erased. I lost my job. My friends. My life came crashing done (sic) on me."

Along with her apology was an explanation for what she did. "Lying became my coping mechanism, because it allowed me to cover up everything I hated about myself-my body, my (normal) upbringing, my (non-Ivy) education, my job (or sometimes lack thereof), my (nonexistent) friends, and my constant fear of being unimportant," she said in her tumblr page.

At the end of her apology, Hornstein also made a promise to stop with her lies, and hopes that she will be a given a second chance and a shot at forgiveness by those hurt or involved with what she had done.

Defaced last year by TechCrunch, when her fraudulent acts were exposed, Daily Mail reports that she had, back then, been involved with Photoshopping herself in various photographs with famous celebrities.

TechCruch report Anthony Ha even reported how Hornstein had been boasting about connections to Sean Parker and the Founders Fund when he had personally met her. It was then reported that she was even involved in a legal action, wherein Founders Fun, the company she claimed she was connected with, had filed a complaint stating that her claims were unfounded.

It does not end there, as Hornstein has also been known to create job titles so she could tap into the Silicon Valley clique. As if to get the point across, she even had her name as a list topper of women investors in the tech industry.

When comparisons of her Photoshopped pictures and the real takes surfaced, Hornstein's con came to light and her act was finally up.

It seems that these days, Hornstein is focusing her energy on building her life in a more honest way, and through her own achievements. While this may be tougher than she may expect-considering how a tainted name can be hard to overcome, only her further actions can make or break her future act.

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