‘The Shield’ Star Michael Jace Charged with Murder of his Wife, Neighbours Shocked Over Arrest

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Michael Jace has been officially charged with the murder of his wife April Jace. "The Sheild" star is charged with one count of murder with a gun. Meanwhile, neighbours of the star are stunned over his arrest. The autopsy reports suggest that April died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Deputy Chief Coroner Ed Winter, Los Angeles County coroner has stated that the death was a homicide, reported by CNN.

Michael's lawyer, Jason Sias has commented that he is doing well in the custody.

"It's emotional. He wants to see this through. He's just thinking about his children."

The evidence against "The Shield" star has been presented to the district attorney by Los Angeles Police Department. 40-year-old April was found dead with gunshot wounds on Monday night in her south Los Angeles home.

Michael called 911 to report that April had been shot. Also, the neighbours called 911 after hearing gunshots.

According to the police statement, the true motive behind the murder can be linked to domestic violence. Michael was taken into custody on Monday night and on Tuesday booked the actor on a homicide charge. At the time of shooting April, the couple's two children were present in the home. The children were unhurt.

An LAPD detective states that investigators have not found any clue or reports of domestic violence between Michael and April. However, a woman close to Michael's first wife mentioned in a sworn statement that she saw Michael physically torturing his wife back in 1997.

Maria De Le Vegas stated in sworn statement (via CNN) that he "choked and hit" his wife. He also "slammed her against the wall while (their infant son) screamed in his crib next to her."

Michael married April in June 2003 after parting ways with his first wife.

According to TMZ, Michael is being held on a $2 million bail. 

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