Shia LaBeouf ‘#IAMSORRY’ Art Installation in Los Angeles, California Weirds People Out as Jerry O'Connell Sets up Spoof ‘#IAMSORRYTOO’ Exhibit Next Door [WATCH VIDEO]

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Cast member Shia LaBeouf poses during a photocall to promote the movie
Cast member Shia LaBeouf poses during a photocall to promote the movie "Nymphomaniac Volume I" during the 64th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin February 9, 2014. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Hollywood is abuzz again with ex-Transformers star Shia LaBeouf and his bizarre behaviour lately. He recently appeared at the Berlin Film Festival with a paper bag over his head with the words "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" written on it while he attended a premiere for his film "Nymphomaniac Volume 1" directed by Lars von Trier. Now, his latest antics involve the "#IAMSORRY" art installation in Los Angeles, California. Although a lot of people thought it was weird of him to do so, there were still a number of them that actually lined up for it and went inside out of curiosity. Meanwhile, actor and comedian Jerry O'Connell decided to set up a spoof "#IAMSORRYTOO" exhibit next door to Shia's for laughs.

People are suspicious of Shia's art exhibit, thinking that it's just a publicity stunt to promote his movie "Nymphomaniac Volume 1," or he just wants some attention to become famous again. But, some also think he's gone bonkers. Nevertheless, curiosity got the better of them and they patiently stood in line to get into the art exhibit on 7354 Beverly Boulevard. Some even lined up for five or six hours just to get a glimpse of Shia! Looks like Shia is still famous after all!

Naturally, Shia's weird '#IAMSORRY' art installation attracted not just fans and curious people, but also the media including Yahoo! Celebrity correspondent Michael Yo, Screen Junkies, CNN, Time Magazine, The Daily Beast and Entertainment Weekly (EW).

According to a press release posted on Luke Turner's Twitter account, Shia collaborated with artists Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö to create the "#IAMSORRY" art exhibit.

CNN reported that the Shia LaBeouf '#IAMSORRY' art installation is currently showing at the Stephen Cohen Gallery from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It started on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014 and will last until Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014.

Click HERE to see Shia LeBouf's official Twitter account filled with tweets that say "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" from Jan. 13, 2014 to Feb. 9, 2014. On Feb. 11, 2014, he tweeted "#IAMSORRY" instead.

However, Entertainment Weekly reported that the duration of the art exhibit for the day is dependent on Shia's mood. If he wants to stop at any time, he can do so.

Participants of LaBeouf's exhibit must reportedly go through a metal detector. After getting a security clearance to enter, they will be led to a dark room and asked to pick out an object related to Shia's previous work including Indiana Jones' crystal skull. Then, they will sit across the ex-Transformers star who is still wearing the infamous brown paper bag. There is also a bowl filled with messages for Shia that participants can read silently or aloud to the actor.

Yahoo! Celebrity correspondent Michael Yo was able to take a picture with Shia without his brown paper bag on his head while the Screen Junkies' Hal Rudnick even got a video of him as he confronted Shia about his art exhibit. Check out the video below.



In the said video, Shia was asked to take off his paper bag, but he didn't respond. Rudnick proceeded to take it off him anyway. He was surprised to see that it was actually Shia in the flesh and not some impostor that was hired from Craigslist. However, Shia still didn't respond to Rudnick even if he showed the actor some old clips from previous films he did when he was a kid.

Some of those who came out of the exhibit said that he was crying when they went in, which means Shia acts differently depending on who is in the room. He even allowed a girl to take a photo with him.

As for Michael Yo, he was able to make Shia laugh!

Apparently, people who want to come in to the art installation are asked to choose from items on a table including a whip, Indiana Jones' crystal skull, Hershey's kisses, a pink ukulele, pliers, a Jack Daniels whiskey bottle, a Transformers toy robot, a bottle of cologne and a copy of Daniel Clowes' book, "The Death-Ray."

Yo reportedly picked the whiskey and offered Shia a drink. At first, the actor didn't respond, so Yo proceeded to drink some whiskey but ends up coughing because the drink was too strong for him. Shia couldn't help but laugh.

"As soon as I walk in I say 'What's up?' ... He starts smiling and you can see it through the bag," said Yo in a Yahoo! Celebrity report.

"You were the golden boy of Hollywood, the next big thing and to outsiders it all fell apart. But it's pretty cool that you're in a position where you don't give a f--k what people think."

"Everyone in the media, standing in line wants to be able to get to a position where they can do what they want and don't care what people think -- the ultimate freedom,' and I got a grin," added Yo in the Yahoo! Celebrity report.

Check out Shia LaBeouf and Yahoo! Celebrity correspondent Michael Yo's photo below (from Yo's official Twitter account):

Click HERE to see a video of Michael Yo and Shia Labeouf from Yahoo! Celebrity. As for Jerry O'Connell's "#IAMSORRYTOO" spoof exhibit, he imitates Shia by wearing a similar tux that the "Nymphomaniac Volume 1" star is wearing as well as the same dazed expression. He also has a similar brown paper bag and a bowl of messages on his table. It's reportedly for the comedy video Web site Funny or Die. Check out Funny or Die's tweet about it.

Click HERE to see pictures of Jerry O'Connell (from Yo's official Instagram account) imitating Shia LaBeouf by wearing a brown paper bag over his head. The caption on the bag says "My wife is famous." His wife is actress Rebecca Romijn who played Mystique in the "X-Men" movies.

Click HERE to see a photo of the door to Jerry O'Connell art exhibit beside Shia LaBeouf's own performance art piece.

LaBeouf was said to be inspired by performance artist Marina Abramović. As for O'Connell, he was definitely inspired by LaBeouf. While a lot of people are weirded out by these art exhibits from the aforementioned actors, other artists have reportedly done similar art installations including Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Tilda Swinton.

The Shia LaBeouf '#IAMSORRY' art installation can be found on 7354 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Jerry O'Connell's spoof '#IAMSORRYTOO' exhibit can be found next door.

Cast member Shia LaBeouf arrives on the red carpet to promote the movie
Cast member Shia LaBeouf arrives on the red carpet to promote the movie "Nymphomaniac Volume I" during the 64th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin February 9, 2014. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz

Check out the exhibit's press release posted on Luke Turner's Twitter account.


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