‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Update: Airdate Update; Steven Moffat Teases Return of Moriarty; Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Sherlock Holmes' Future

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"Sherlock Season 3 concluded on Jan. 12 in UK and Feb. 2 in the U.S. with a thrilling twist in the end. Ever since the show ended, fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of its next season's air date. While fans clamor for early premiering of "Sherlock" season 4, show's co-creator is hinting at longer wait. Here are few updates on "Sherlock" season 4 from the show maker Steven Moffat and the leading star Benedict Cumberbatch.

'Sherlock' Season 4 Airdate Update

Fans were relieved when Steven Moffat announced that they have already plotted out "Sherlock" Season 4 and Season 5. The declaration came through even before "Sherlock" Season 3 got wrapped up. This made fans hopeful of show's Christmas return in 2014. Rumors swirled around claiming 2014 Christmas premiere date for "Sherlock" Season 4.  

Recent airdate updates may shatter fans' hope as show's creator Steven Moffat teases longer wait than fans may expect.

According to the latest reports, while speaking to IGN, Steven Moffat hinted two years wait for another season of Benedict Cumberbatch's "Sherlock."

While speaking to IGN, Steven Moffat revealed that co-creator Sue Vertue is trying to work out the schedules while he himself is committed to "Doctor Who's" latest series, at the moment.

"If people have to wait two years, they'll have to wait two years," revealed Steven Moffat to IGN, as quoted by Epoch Times.

Steven Moffat Talks Mystery of Moriarty's Return

Moriarty's return in "Sherlock" Season 3 maybe a surprise for the fans, but it seems it was a part of the plan all along.  

More updates on "Sherlock" have hinted more of Moriarty in the series. He did shoot himself in the head, which ripped his head apart. But his return came as a shock and left the fans of the series eager to know that how could anyone fake a suicide like this.

Mirror UK reported that "Sherlock's" creator Steven Moffat has revealed that the fans may have to wait for "years" before they will know the mystery about his death. When Steven Moffat was asked about Moriarty's return in "Sherlock" Season 3, he jokingly said: "I don't know what is going on, I can't wait for four or five years until we make the next episode" (quoted Mirror UK.)

Benedict Cumberbatch Talks about Sherlock Holmes' Future in 'Sherlock'

Fans love Benedict Cumberbatch as the iconic genius detective Sherlock Holmes and now they may not settle for any other actor playing the much loved TV character.

Star clearly has a flourishing career ahead of him with recent hits like "The Hobbit," "Star Trek into Darkness and more. He certainly has more offers on his platter than ever before. Fans are always anxious if his career growth will make him digress from his much-loved role?

Clearing out the airs, Benedict Cumberbatch revealed the future of his character in an interview with USA Today. He said that he will stick to the role for "as long as he is developing."  

Fans may have to wait for the "Sherlock" Season 4 for years before it returns, but they can be relieved that their favorite actor Benedict Cumberbatch is here to stay and would return as Sherlock Holmes. Show's creator Steven Moffat indicates at longer wait, but fans know it that the comeback will be nothing less than brilliant.

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