‘Sherlock’ Season 3: Watch Wedding Video Directed by Sherlock

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Dr Watson and Mary got married in episode 2, "The Sign of Three," of "Sherlock" Season 3. BBC has released a wedding video of John and Mary. Sherlock gets the director's credit for this video.


The video has compiled the photographs clicked on the wedding day. One can see bright and cheerful bride and groom, Mary and John, brimming with joy Ms Hudson and the unsmiling best-man, Sherlock. Also included in the video is a photograph of Lestrade, Molly and her boyfriend, clicked together.

The highlight of "The Sign of Three" was the best-man speech given by Sherlock. The speech began on a disastrous note, as he dismissed wedding, calling it an irrational institution. He also made attendees uncomfortable, with his trademark remarks on some of them. However, Sherlock was able to soon capture the hearts of everyone attending the wedding reception. There were not many dry eyes when Sherlock talked about how much he cares and loves Watson. Mycroft had warned him to not get involved, but Sherlock could not help getting involved.        

The wedding day was highly eventful, as Sherlock correctly linked two previous unsolved cases and deduced that Watson's former commander, Sholter, was due to get murdered at the reception. Sherlock saves Sholter and catches the murderer, the Mayfly man who was attending the wedding as a photographer.

The episode ended on a rather sombre note when Sherlock walked out all alone, while the rest were busy dancing. Before he walked out of the wedding party, Sherlock said his final vow that he will always be there for Watson, Mary and their child. He had correctly deduced that Mary is pregnant.        

The upcoming final episode of "Sherlock" Season 3 is "His Last Vow." Perhaps, vow at the wedding reception might come into play in the episode. The episode will introduce the new, loathsome adversary of Sherlock, Charles Augustus Magnussen. Sherlock has never expressed his hatred for anyone, but he hates Magnussen. Spoilers of the upcoming episode suggest that Magnussen may turn Sherlock's world upside-down.  

Sherlock's composer, Michael Price, has warned that the final episode of "Sherlock" Season 3 will have more tears. We wonder if an important character is going to die.  

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