‘Sherlock’ Season 3: Watch Moriarty, Mycroft Fake Scene; Fans ‘Not’ Satisfied with Sherlock Fall Explanation

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"Sherlock" Season 3 finally premiered on BCC on January 01, 2014. The first episode, "The Empty Hearse," brought back all the principal characters of the last two seasons, and introduced Mary as the love interest of Dr Watson. One also got a glimpse of Sherlock's new nemesis eyes. 

Also, fans of "Sherlock" were lucky to see Prof Moriarty, again. Moriarty, the main villain of previous two seasons, had killed himself by pulling the trigger of a gun in his mouth. In "The Empty Hearse," Moriarty and Sherlock scene is part of one of the theories on how Sherlock cheated death. In this theory, Sherlock and Moriarty are sitting side by side, holding a rope tied on a man, who is standing on the roof wearing the mask of Sherlock Holmes. This theory alludes to Sherlock and Moriarty being in a romantic relationship, as they are all set to kiss each other.    

BBC had shot a number of fake scenes to keep the fans, following the shooting, off the real scenes. In one of the scenes that a fan uploaded, one can see Moriarty and Mycroft shaking their hands and going in different directions. This scene never came-up in the premiere episode and is unlikely to be part of the next two episodes.  The video has been unlisted, but you can check it HERE.      

"The Empty Hearse" revealed how Sherlock survived the death jump. Mycroft, Molly and 25 people helped him to cheat death and knew about him being alive. However, the explanation has not satisfied a number of fans. Like Anderson, they are disappointed, as well.

One of the fans said on Twitter, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, "Bit of a cop out that they didn't even explain how Sherlock survived, while another tweeted: "honestly, I feel like "The Empty Hearse" didn't truly explain why ‪#Sherlock didn't let John of all people in on the secret."

 Some fans are confused about whether the episode really revealed how Sherlock survived, or not. "Sorry guys I'm confused about Sherlock. DID they explain how he did it or DIDN'T they?" said one of the fans on Twitter.

Are you satisfied with Sherlock's fall explanation?

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