'Sherlock': Get Ready to Meet Cast & Crew of 'Sherlock'; And Why Benedict Cumberbatch Almost Turned Down 'Sherlock'

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Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, co-writers of "Sherlock," may have plotted out Season 4 and Season 5, but they are not yet revealing the original "Sherlock" stories that they intend to adapt for the next two seasons. Also, Moffat has hinted that it may take more time than expected for the lissome detective to come back on BBC. However, there is some good news for the fans of "Sherlock."

The first "Sherlock" convention has been announced. This official convention, called Sherlocked, will take place in Europe and the U.S. The three day event is scheduled to take place later this year - dates and locations have yet to be fixed. Fans will get an opportunity to interact with the cast and the crew of "Sherlock." Also, the convention will feature "Sherlock" themed activities, photo-shoots and autograph opportunities.  

In a statement, released on fans' site Sherlockology, Sue Vertue, executive producer of "Sherlock," said: "We're very excited to be announcing our first official Sherlock convention for later in the year, aptly named SHERLOCKED.  Massive Events  have been pestering me for ages to get a date for this in the schedule but we wanted to make sure that we had the time and energy to make it a great, high quality and fun event, and now we have!" The news of the convention is likely to keep the "Sherlock" sphere buzzing and the fans excited.

In addition to the stories, Benedict Cumberbatch portrayal of "Sherlock" has also contributed, immensely, to make "Sherlock" the most talked about T.V. show, with millions upon millions of fans all across the world. The actor, however, had double thoughts of taking-up this role. Cumberbatch had almost turned down the role, as he thought the role might be "cheesy."

At a Bafta Event, called 'In Conversation,' Cumberbatch revealed, as quoted by Mirror, "It is the most dramatised character [Sherlock] of all time. I heard about it and thought that sounds like an idea to reinfranchise something to make money. It could be a bit cheap and cheesy."

The involvement of Moffat and Gatiss made Cumberbatch change his mind, as he was sure they wouldn't make it "cheesy" and "cheap," according the Mirror's report.

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