‘Sherlock’ 3 Episode 3: ‘His Last Vow,' Most Hated Villain to Bring Sherlock to his Knees

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The third episode of "Sherlock" Season 3 is called "His Last Vow." The episode will introduce the main villain of the new season. Also, one can expect more tears and more epic moments.

Michael Price, composer of "Sherlock," had tweeted: "Sherlock ep3. More strings than ever before. More epicness. More tears." The episode introduces the new terrifying villain, Charles Augustus Magnussen. He has been described as the "Napoleon of blackmail."

The character of Magnussen is loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short story character Charles Augustus Milverton, "the worst man in London."  Steven Moffat, co-creator of "Sherlock," said in an interview: "Like everything in Sherlock, we take the original and move it around slightly. I think he's an outstanding villain. He will give you proper chills and make you shrivel at times."

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the role of Sherlock Holmes," described his new on-screen nemesis as a shark -- a "terrifyingly perfect predator of our age."

"His means and methods are chillingly everyday in our culture. He's a smart creation, very real and not fantastical," said the actor, as quoted by RTE Ten.

Magnussen is all set to destroy what Sherlock believes in protecting. This villain is going to bring Sherlock to his knees and put him in great peril. Sherlock is not a person who hates someone, but he truly hates his new deadly nemesis.   

BBC's Official Synopsis of "His Last Vow":

"A case of stolen letters leads Sherlock Holmes into a long conflict with Charles Augustus Magnussen, the Napoleon of blackmail, and the one man he truly hates. But how do you tackle a foe who knows the personal weakness of every person of importance in the Western world?"

The much anticipated "Sherlock" Season 3 is scheduled to air on January 01, 2014. On 24 December, 2013, BBC doled out a Christmas present in the form of a bonus mini-episode. In the episode, Anderson was unconvinced about Sherlock's death, as he follows a trail of bizarre cases solved in Tibet, India and Germany. Anderson said to Greg Lestrade: "He's out there. He's hiding. But he can't stop himself from getting involved."

The premiere episode, "The Empty Hearse," will put a stamp on Anderson conclusion that Sherlock is coming back. 

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