Is She Prettier Than Kate Middleton? Meet Princess Charlotte of Monaco [PHOTOS]


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is probably one of the most talked about royals. But aside from her, there is a princess that could beat The Duchess for being the current, most beautiful female royal.

Charlotte Casiraghi or simply Princess Charlotte of Monaco is not heard of as much as The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. But perhaps it is time for the 25-year-old royal to step out and make her name and her beautiful face known all throughout newspapers, magazines and in other media outlets.

Unlike Kate Middleton, who wasn't born to royalty, Charlotte is the daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover but more so, she is the grand daughter of the beautiful Grace of Monaco. But even if she carries the name and the beauty of her famous grandmother, nothing like the attention poured over on Kate is given to her.

One advantage of Kate is that she always had that "public effect," probably because her love story can be compared to that of a Cinderella story when she was wedded to a real life Prince. And that is probably why Kate is growing more and more famous even after she was given the title Duchess of Cambridge.

Meanwhile, on March this year, Princess Charlotte was named as the face of the brand Gucci. She was also featured on the September 211 cover of Vogue. Not only that, she is also an expert in horseback riding, with two years of study in the field of sport.

Princess Charlotte of Sweden can definitely be a tight competitor of The Duchess of Cambridge when it comes to beauty and elegance. View the slideshow and see more of the two pretty ladies as they are put against each other on a question of "Who's the more beautiful royal?"

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