Shark Dropped From the Sky onto a Golf Course

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Without a warning, a 2-foot-long leopard shark suddenly fell from the sky then wriggled around on the 12th tee of a golf course in Southern California. Luckily, nobody was playing golf at the area when the incident happened.

Melissa McCormack, Director of Club Operations at the San Juan Hills Golf Club, claimed that the shark was probably taken from the ocean by a bird and then dropped onto the golf course. "No one was teeing up when the shark fell Monday afternoon, although some golfers had just left the area," McCormack said.

An unnamed course marshal, who ensures that golf players keep up an appropriate pace, noticed something moving around the tee. As he approached the area to investigate, the course marshal saw a bleeding shark due to punctured wounds where the bird probably held grasp. Then, the marshal placed the injured shark in his golf cart and moved it back to the clubhouse. "He went above and beyond," McCormack shared.

Melissa McCormack, together with the course marshal and an employee named Bryan Stizer, decided to help the injured shark by placing the creature in a container with water. Afterwards, someone remembered that the shark is not a fresh water animal so they prepared home-made sea water with the use of salt available in the kitchen. "We knew we had to get it to the ocean as fast as possible. When Bryan put it in the water, it didn't move. But then it flipped and took off," McCormack said.

Without a doubt, this remarkable incident will be remembered as the first time to occur. "We have your typical coyotes, skunks and the occasional mountain lion, but nothing like a shark," McCormack revealed.

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