Sharapova’s Candy Line ‘Sugarpova’ On Sale With Freebies Until Oct. 31

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Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova shares her sweet taste of success to her fans and followers worldwide through her premium candy line "Sugarpova."

Sugarpova is a perfect gift especially as Halloween season is fast-approaching. She is very generous to offer a 15% discount for everyone who will buy the candies.

"Things are getting spooky," Sharapova posted on Facebook Thursday. "Now until Oct. 31, buy my delicious Sugarpova for 15% off with the code FALL15, also, purchase four or more flavors and get Spooky for free," she added.

Sharapova loves sweets ever since she was a child. She used to get lollipop or candy bar after her practice. She has definitely turned her love for sweets and candies into a lucrative business.

"I have always had a sweet tooth," she said. "My earliest memory of candy is being a little girl back in Russia and asking my parents for a lollipop after a good practice," she added.

Sharapova has reportedly spent half a million dollars to set up her candy line. As described on its own Web site, Sugarpova mirrors the fun, fashionable, and sweet side of the Russian tennis hottie. It has different flavors such as Sharapova's favorite quirky, chic, sporty and smitten sour. It comes in various inviting packaging. Anyone who would see how the candies are presented will really become curious and would probably want to taste it.

The candies are sold on its Web site,, and other retailers, like Macy's in the U.S., Collette in Paris, and Selfridges in London.

The very first time that the candy was advertised in the U.S., it has shipped more than 200,000 bags in 3 months. Sharapova and her Sugarpova team even make use of the social media sites to promote the product.

"If you were to dress up like a Sugarpova flavor this year, which would it be," Sharapova posted on Facebook. "Post an image of your costume here and we'll give the best one 10 free bags of candy," she added.

Even if Sharapova doesn't compete and make money from playing tennis, she is guaranteed to still earn a lot with Sugarpova and other endorsements she have. Would you like to have a taste of Sharapova's candies?

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