Shane Warne’s Topless Instagram Selfie Sparks Weight Loss Criticisms

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Shane Warne just can’t win the Internet. After uploading another topless selfie on his Instagram account, the former cricketer has once again become the subject of criticisms from followers who think he has become too thin.

On Monday, the 44-year-old bowler uploaded a photo of him showing his torso covered in bruises.

“OUCH !!! This was fun back in Melbourne, but bloody hurt more than being hit by a fast bowler,” he captioned his photo.

The photo is apparently taken after he accepted a challenge that was part of a new deal with an online booker.

His social media followers appeared to be more concerned with his weight than the marks covering his body, though.

Warne has received a onslaught of comments from Instagram users who think his weight loss is disturbing.

“Eat something. For the love of god, eat something,” one commenter wrote.

“Bring the gut back Warney! Get some of those toasted sandwiches and pizzas!” another added.

This isn’t the first time Warne’s Instagram photo has garnered attention for the wrong reasons.

In June, he posted another topless photo that was presumably taken by Warne himself while he was lying on his bed. In the photo, Warne was giving viewers a smouldering look, which failed to excite his fans.

Even his 11-year-old daughter Summer was embarrassed to see her dad in the photo. She asked him to “take this down,” which he eventually did.

“Remember, never lose your sense of humour!” he addressed his critics.

Meanwhile, lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone is denying that she enjoyed a tryst with Warne just hours he spent Valentine’s Day weekend with girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley.

According to the UK tabloid The Sun, Warne romanced Mone in her hotel room at The Dorchester Hotel on February 16 after he spent the day with Hurley. He apparently showered the 42-year-old Ultimo owner with champagne and red roses.

But Mone has denied the claim, saying that she has been single for the past 18 months. She wrote on Twitter that she would never meet a guy who already has a commitment with someone else.

“It was done to me and I remember that pain. I’ve been single for 18 months, very independent, successful and don’t need anyone for anything other than my family,” she wrote on Twitter.

Warne has also denied the rumour, calling the report “ludicrous & laughable.”

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