Shane Warne Allegedly ‘Romanced’ Michelle Mone for Hours after Spending Valentine’s Day with Elizabeth Hurley

By @snksounak on

Legendary cricketer Shane Warne never appears to be tired of being at the centre of attention. This time, he is allegedly linked to Michelle Mone only days after there were speculations that he patched up with his long time sweetheart, Elizabeth Hurley.

According to The Sun (London), Warne spent no less than four hours with the Ultimo bra millionaire at The Dorchester Hotel in her suite. The most interesting part is that he had spent the Valentine's Day with Hurley, his former fiancée, only hours before he was allegedly found romancing Mone. The newspaper further claimed that Warne, 44, showered the 42-year-old blonde who is quite famous for her curves, with red roses and champagne. Another source confirmed that Mone had started to consider her relation with Warne as the start of "something special," The Herald Sun reported.

Warne's Casanova image is further strengthened when it is known that he went to the U.K. on the occasion of the Valentine's Day only to spend time with Hurley, which he did. He, along with Hurley, went to their mansion situated in Hertfordshire. Later, they went to Hurley's London home on the occasion of the Valentine's Day. When everyone was beaming with the presumption that Warne and Hurley were back together once again, Warne was spotted the next day with Mone just after lunch.

It was only in 2013 when Hurley broke up with Warne and called off their engagement after blaming the spin-icon for womanising. He had many alleged affairs as well as "sexting" scandals with random women while he was already in a steady relation. Warne is in the U.S. at the moment to attend a poker tournament, while Hurley is in India.

Warne did not respond to the queries by various news agencies, while Mone's spokesman refused to comment on the alleged relation between Warne and her. Mone got divorced in January 2013. She went to Scotland after spending time with Warne.

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