Shakira Reportedly Pregnant With Second Baby: Pregnant Women Should Stop Using Antibacterial Soaps -- Study

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Shakira (R) embraces her boyfriend, Barcelona's player Gerard Pique during her concert in Barcelona May 29, 2011.
Shakira (R) embraces her boyfriend, Barcelona's player Gerard Pique during her concert in Barcelona May 29, 2011. Reuters

Pop star Shakira is reportedly pregnant with her second child.

The Colombian super star is mother of son Milan who is presently one year old with her boyfriend, footballer Gerard Pique of Barcelona.

According to the report by Daily Mirror, Shakira’s fellow Colombian singer Carlos Vives recently commented at an award ceremony in Miami, "Yes, she is pregnant and she's very happy."

Shakira presently 37 met Pique four years back during her famous music video Waka Waka featuring Pique.

Pregnancy gives every woman a sense of completeness. But there are many factors that can affect pregnancy and may leave a long lasting impact on the mother and the baby.

One such scientific study reported that pregnant women should stop using antibacterial soaps because they damage health of both mother and the child.

As explained by Daily Mail, scientists now associate a strong link between exposure to the chemicals and shorter newborn birth weight. Benny Pycke from Arizona State University conducted the study and said that these compounds create developmental and reproductive problems in animals and potentially in humans.

A study done by researchers at the University of Florida in 2010 observed that a chemical called triclosan hinders an enzyme related to the metabolism of hormone oestrogen.

During pregnancy, this enzyme oestrogen sulfotransferase, helps metabolise oestrogen and facilitates its movement through placenta into the developing foetus.

Oestrogen plays an important role in brain development and the regulation of genes, the researchers concluded in the journal Environment International.

Previous research suggested that the additives in antibacterial soaps could develop antibiotic resistance, a major public health concern.

It is known that “Triclosan and triclocarban are used in more than 2,000 everyday products marketed as antimicrobial, including toothpastes, soaps, detergents, carpets, paints, school supplies and toys.”

In May, a study concluded for the first time that the common household chemicals damage human sperm.

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