Shailene Woodley: Is She the New Jennifer Lawrence?

By @Ze_Charm on

Known for speaking her mind, Shailene Woodley has found herself in not just one movie adaptation of bestselling books, but in three: "The Spectacular Now," "The Fault in Our Stars," and "Divergent."

Woodley has been in the acting scene for quite some time and though she isn't that famous of a star, yet, people are saying that she could be the next Jennifer Lawrence. Why do we think so too? Well, based on the fact that she loves to stand up for what she believes in, Woodley is also the star of the upcoming bestselling book by Veronica Roth, the movie adaptation of "Divergent."

"Divergent" is a book about a make belief, dystopian version of Chicago. People are placed within 5 categories and there they are managed by those who rule. Those who cannot be controlled are called, "Divergent." Quite similar to "The Hunger Games," Woodley plays the woman who is known as a divergent, different from the rest and will meet with the other divergents, who try to out run those that want to put those people they cannot control in place, those called part of the fraction.

It does sound similar to "The Hunger Games," so what does it mean for Woodley? She would be compared to Lawrence, who is the star of "The Hunger Games" franchise and maybe even would bag an Oscar for her role in "The Fault in Our Stars."

Woodley has been known speak her mind just like Lawrence, who has hated people telling her to go on a diet. She has often spoken about how she hates going on diets, starving herself when she really loves to eat food.

Woodley has also said that she hates make up and was recently furious about a magazine which edited her features showing that it wasn't how she really looked. She is known for using make up only when needed and just allowing her natural beauty to shine whenever she can have a makeup free face.

Woodley is set to promote her movies on the red carpet and she would certainly be making a name for herself with all the movies she has been doing and maybe even make a name for herself just like how Jennifer Lawrence has been doing not only being known Hollywood's sweetheart. 

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