Shailene Woodley Looks Ravishing: What is She Eating?

By @Ze_Charm on

Shailene Woodley has claimed that she eats clay and that she likes to have her vagina sunned often. The star definitely belongs to a different class of Hollywood celebrities. The thing with Shailene is that what she says seems to be working well for her. 

Shailene Woodley recently said in an interview, which was posted on "Cosmopolitan," that she eats clay. According to the star, the clay helps in taking out the metals from the body and it also makes one smell a bit little metal, while helping to detoxicate the body. Shailene has also said that she had read somewhere that taking care of the genitals is important to keep yeast infections away, which has prompted the star to give it a bit of fresh air every now and then by sunning it.

The star openly talked about how she takes time to have her vagina sunned, helping it get a bit of vitamin D, which is good for keeping her genitalia healthy.

It looks like the "Divergent" star has a lot of beliefs just like her friend, Hollywood's sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence believes that women should eat what they want to eat and feel the way they want to feel. 

Shailene's movie,  "Divergent," recently hit the theaters. Movie-goers seem to be enjoying the movie, as it raked in 56 million dollars in its opening week. In addition to Shailene Woodley, the movie also features Theo James and Oscar winner, Kate Winslet.

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