Shailene Woodley of 'Divergent' Slams 'Twilight' Film: 'That is not going to help this world evolve’

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Best female lead nominee for the film "The Spectacular Now" actress Shailene Woodley
Best female lead nominee for the film "The Spectacular Now" actress Shailene Woodley arrives at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California March 1, 2014.

"Divergent" hasn't even hit the big screen but its lead star, Shailene Woodley is already making waves in the Hollywood biz. For one, she's a big hit thanks to her confession about asking advice from Oscar Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence that earned her a lot of fans. Well, Shailene might get a number of haters following her diss to the "Twilight" film franchise.

"Twilight," both film franchise and novels written by Stephanie Meyer were a huge success back in the year 2000. However, not everyone were fans of the love story between Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson.

Heck, even Shailene Woodley of "Divergent" isn't a huge fan of the film. In her interview with Teen Vogue, Woodley slammed the film for being "unhealthy."

"Twilight, I'm sorry, is about a very unhealthy, toxic relationship. She falls in love with this guy and the second he leaves her, her life is over and she's going to kill herself! What message are we sending to young people? That is not going to help this world evolve," stated Woodley (via Ocean Up).

Now, how would "Twi-hards" react to that? Yet, before Shailene Woodley slammed "Twilight," they should recall Pattinson's take on his own role in the film. If there is one person who hated it so much, it would be none other than Edward Cullen himself.

"['Twilight'] seemed like a book that wasn't supposed to be published.," stated Rob. Another well-known comment made by the star states: "He's the most ridiculous person...the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy...Plus, he's a 108 year-old virgin so he's obviously got some issues there."

Pattinson also went on to slam the fans of the franchise.

"Twilight has its own parallel world, its own fan culture that has been forming on the net since day one," says Rob in a report by Hollywood Life, adding, "And in an intense way that has never existed before. Sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day. They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight."

Shailene certainly had a point by saying the relationship portrayed in the film is "unhealthy" that even the fans' addiction to it has been on the same level.

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