Sexy Supermodel Kate Upton is New Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

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Kate Upton has one more feather in her impressive cap. The 21-year-old sexy model has become the new face and brand ambassador of Bobbi Brown cosmetics range thus replacing Katie Holmes. The Sports Illustrated bikini model will appear in ads for Bobbi Brown starting in July.

"Proud to announce @KateUpton as the new face of Bobbi Brown-a beautiful, confident, empowered woman," Bobbi Brown wrote on their Instagram page along with a beautiful picture of Kate Upton.

The beautiful supermodel says she is a huge fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and has been using them since quite some time now. "I am a huge product fan. I love trying new things. I get that from my mom and my sisters," Upton said, according to USA Today. "We always share products. I've always used Bobbi Brown. That's the cool thing - I can do an interview and not have to lie," she added.

The brand has released a video too as they introduced Kate Upton as the new face. The video shows Bobbi Brown talking about the reason why they chose Kate as the brand ambassador for his brand.

"I was drawn to Kate because -- not only is she incredibly beautiful -- she is healthy, comfortable in her own skin, has such positive energy, and is a woman who creates her own rules," commented Bobbi Brown in the video, according to CTV news. "She loves life and that is pretty powerful."

"Besides being strong and confident, she is really smart. She knows exactly who she is and who her brand is. She told me she called her mom and her sister right away when she found out about [becoming the face of the brand]. She was so excited about doing it!," Bobbi Brown told American Vogue in an interview, according to Glamour Magazine.

The brand is also impressed with Kate's figure which is unlike most supermodels. Kate is more athletic, voluptuous, well-endowed and healthy as compared to skinny supermodels and the cosmetic brand loved her for that.

"That's what I love about Kate: She's a real girl. And she's not a waif-y supermodel. She was an athlete, so she's comfortable with her body. She's really kind of every woman," Brown added.

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