Sexy Singer Rihanna on Her Third Vogue Cover: 'I dont wear a bra'

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Rihanna is one superstar that needs no introduction. That is the reason why style magazine "Vogue" has chosen the "Disturbia" singer for the third time to be featured on their cover page. The 25-year-old dished out some really juicy details about herself including a revelation that she does not wear a bra!

"If I'm wearing a top, I don't wear a bra. If I'm wearing a bra, I just wear a bra," Rihanna told the March issue of the magazine where she appears in various eye-catching outfits.  The Barbados beauty also went on to say that she has always been in the company of boys and never liked to dress as a girl when she was a teenager.

"When I was 13 or 14, I didn't want to wear what my mother wanted me to wear. I was very much a boy in my style, my demeanor. All my friends were guys. I loved things that boys did. It was my way of rebelling. I wanted to dress like my brother. After a while, it was just easier for Mom to dress us both the same," Rihanna told the magazine where she now dresses very much like a sexy diva.

"I love baggy things. I wear men's clothes, men's shoes, oxfords, creepers." Rihanna added.

In one picture Rihanna is seen wearing a stylish mid-riff baring Alexander McQueen black and gold skirt with a top while other shot sees the beautiful singer in a stylish sequined Miu Miu top. The stylish singer who keeps changing her hairstyle also revealed that she gets bored of one style very soon.

"I have two main hair people I work with. They're always with me. I'm like, 'I'm bored! I wanna change my hair!' That's the good thing about a weave. You can do whatever with it," Rihanna said in the interview.

The "Umbrella" hitmaker whose net worth is in millions also revealed that she wears fake jewelry!

"My jewelry's all fake-from Claire's. Or I get it from my mom's boutique in Barbados. Her shop's called FAB-U-LUS," the singer told Vogue.

The R & B singer talked about lot of other things and looked fabulous in various pictures which you can view here along with full interview.

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