Sexy And Sauve Charlie Hunnam And Lea Michele Could Be The Next Hot Couple?


The media is abuzz with rumours that Lea Michelle is likely to star opposite Charlie Hunnam in "Sons of Anarchy." If the two are cast opposite each other, the fans of the two can see them hanging out with each other in the near future. Lea Michelle currently stars in "Glee," which is set to wrap-up next year, with Season 6. 

Reportedly, Paris Braclay, who has directed numerous episodes of "Glee," including Episode 12 of Season 5 feels that Lea could be a perfect fit for "Sons of Anarchy". Barclay is also the executive producer of "Anarchy" and on March 30 after the Kid's choice awards, Braclay hinted that Lea could very well be a part of Charlie Hunnam's show and the fictional city of Charming.

Yo, @sutterink! She ready for CHARMING, or what?" Paris tweeted to SOA creator, Kurt Sutter.


"Smoking hot," Kurt said in his Tweet. "All class."

If all goes well then fans might see Lea in "Sons of Anarchy" and it might so happen that things get friendly between with Hunnam and Lea on the sets. After all Hunnam is a charming man and now that he has gone all-suave for a new movie role, it will be difficult not to get attracted to him.

The handsome actor got rid of his signature full beard over the weekend and was spotted in a clean shaven, casual and relaxed look while stepping out, wearing a gray hoodie, jeans and Nike sneakers.

The shocking new look of the star is a departure from his bearded look, which he sports in the FX's show "Sons of Anarchy". The new look of the star has reportedly made his female fans go crazy and when Hunnam left the store the fans could not stop noticing him and grinning.

If Lea Michele becomes a part of " Sons of Anarchy" Do you think Hunnam's magic can work on her? Let us know your thoughts. 

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