Sexually Explicit Video of 11-Year-Old Girl Featuring Racy Content Bashed: Is Alison Gold the Next Miley Cyrus?

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If you thought Miley Cyrus is the only child artist-turn-rebel who want to be famous using nudity and shocking factor, think again. Alison Gold, an 11-year-old American child artist and pop singer, has taken the music world by storm after the release of the music video of her song "Shush Up." The video features content which is highly unsuitable for a girl who is not even a teenager yet. A skimpily dressed Alison is seen in a video where she engages in bondage stunts, early pregnancy and vulgar dance moves, heavy make-up, strip dancing, sexy nurses, police arrest, imprisonment, execution by electrocution and suicidal death!

The fact that she is just 11 years of age is quite disturbing. Alison's controversial video has been deleted because of its inappropriate content but can still be seen of Perez TV, a video sharing Web site by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who too has criticised "Shush Up" for its overtly sexual tone and tons of vulgarity.

"Where the HECK are Alison Gold's parents?!," asks Perez on his Web site.

"There's a weird scene with naughty nurses, a twerking session with beefy male construction workers...and did we mention she's in booty shorts and a bra top basically the entire time," writes the celebrity blogger, condemning the music video.

The controversial music video is produced by Patrice Wilson, who happens to be the CEO of Ark Music. Mr Wilson was also responsible for another similar music video "Friday," by yet another child star Rebecca Black. The teenager (Black) was reportedly bullied from her school over the video, reports Daily Mail.

SocialNewsDaily has gone ahead and created a petition against Wilson on titled "Stay away from Alison Gold. Really, just anyone under 18." A close to 100 furious people, mostly parents, have already signed the petition and expressed their views.

"As a father of an 11 year old girl, this is absolutely disgusting. We need to keep people like Patrice away from our children," writes David R on the petition page.

"Seriously I am just 14 and I think that guy is just... *No adjectives can be used* I feel very sorry for Alison Gold. I think she is too young and naive and is too easy to be tricked," writes Jessica L on the same page.

"Fury over 'inappropriate' pop video featuring skimpy clothing, bondage and mock execution which stars girl aged ELEVEN," says Daily Mail. has called Alison's "Shush Up" as "the most offensive music video of all time?"

"Everyone is 'outraged' by Alison Gold's 'Shush Up,' the latest pervy pre-teen video from Patrice Wilson," writes in its headline.

Watch the video here and tell us what your views are? Do you think it is inappropriate for a girl of just 11 years of age to be featured in this kind of music video, or is Alison just ahead of her time?

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