Sexually Abused Harvard Student Writes Open Letter to School, Accuses ‘Lack of Support’

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A student at the Harvard wrote an open letter after having been sexually abused by a fellow student. In the letter, the girl condemned the school for showing lack of support.

The girl open letter on The Harvard Crimson shows her frustration as she blames the school for discouraging her from charging the boy who abused her. She was forced to stay with the alleged attacker in the same house. The victim, in her open letter called "Dear Harvard: You win", discussed about one "freezing" Friday night when she was sexually abused by the other student.

They had several drinks and things started heating up. The girl wrote that the boy started kissing her aggressively and biting her skin after taking her shirt off. When the girl pushed the boy off and asked him not to show so much aggression, the boy said with a grin that she could hide the biting marks with a scarf. The girl said that the boy kept on abusing her body.

The Harvard student wrote that she was "intoxicated" while she was "trapped" between the wall and the boy who continued to ignore what she said. She apparently turned her back to the boy and prayed that he would leave her alone. The boy then "demanded" to have sex with her. The student wrote that she "obeyed" the boy's demand.

The girl was told by the one of the senior members of the college administration that the boy was "unlikely" to be charged by the Administrative Board for the assault. She was told that the boy's action probably did not "technically" violate the school policy. His act apparently did not comply with the definition of sexual assault as given in the student handbook. The girl blames the school for being "reluctant" to take any action against the boy who sexually abused her. She wrote that she spent most of her time crying in bed. She wondered at times if she heard the voice of the boy who sexually abused her.

The girl wrote that she might have lost her battle.

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